F’ that Noise

Thinking about street and performing logically led to thinking about street performers. While one could get into a tiff about the way the City is cracking down on the “Bucket Boys” here in Chicago, we found this fun article about Skomorokhi, the Troubadours of Old Russia. Minstrels and minstrelsy has been on our minds as we take LiveWire from being Visiting Artists in Residence (something we had been doing for a little over 3 years at the Side Project) to embracing the itinerant theatre company ideal. We had our first taste the other week when we were informed we had to move all our flats and platforms out of the Side Project (by the end of the week). Luckily, we have a summer show at the Chemically Imbalanced Theater and Angie, ever so kindly, let us store our stuff there in prep for VisionFest 2009.

What do you think about the traveling theatre company? The wandering artists? Comments sections is always open.

If you don’t catch the article on the Skomorokhi after the jump above, catch at least this: “As for the skomorokhi, though they did not have proper conditions for establishing theatre companies and were persecuted by the church as alleged disseminators of paganism and heresy along with sorcerers and soothsayers, the folk theatre went on and on.”

p.s. Saw “Buried Child” at Shattered Globe last night. Wow! One of the best shows all year. Shepard is a genius and in the hands of this grand company, the play is truly a revelation on humanity.