Building a Career in the Arts

If you have not started reading The Mission Paradox Blog, start now, seriously. Everyday Mr. Thurman offers thoughts on arts marketing, which can be hard for many of us to navigate. Today his post touched on the choice of careers in the arts. Is it a safe choice? Is it safer than being a lawyer? The best thing about Mission Paradox is that it not only offers thoughts, it offers solutions. Thurman’s solution to the choice we make about our career is to ask yourself, what value you do bring to the career? Don’t ask “is it safe?” Ask “do I bring anything?” If you do, and this pertains to any career you choose, then it is worth any risk, perceived or unknown.

And what about us who still work day jobs to support our careers in the arts? What can we do to start this building process? Or are we already doing that? Building a career in the arts is tough. It’s a long hard road. We continue down the path because we bring something of value to it. Or we get off the road.

Back in the early days of deciding to walk this walk, a lawyer friend spoke with the same passion about his job that we speak of theatre. A great revelation. It is not the career, it is the person. What we can do and what we bring to the table is about us and not the end result. We could wait for Godot, or we could put on one helluva show.

What are your thoughts?