Happenings… now?

Lunch hour downtown (Millennium Park) hundreds of people eating in the grass, or on the Patio, taking pictures with the Bean, general site seeing and sun bathing while a band plays some bluegrass/country at the Pritzker Pavilion, a couple artists paint part of the walkway and a group of mime musicians wander around seemingly looking to make something happen. Well, at least a few of them were trying. O.K., one of them was trying. The others were not playing their part and what could have been a cool thing to follow around the Park became something that just passed by. Encapsulating the feeling of disappointment in these middling mimes is a regular thought from Don Hall on his “An Angry White Guy in Chicago” blog that popped up again today, “Do it big or stay in bed, baby.”

Here are some folks deserving of getting up in the morning.

SIDE NOTE: Auditions for VisionFest 2009 are on Monday. More info here