New stories don’t exist?

Listening to an “How to Audition” CD with some fine points, if nothing else, a great refresher of what has already been learned, but maybe forgotten or has become inherent. No one can argue that these refresher courses do harm. Not every needs them, but if you have the desire to take one then there’s some need there and it’s not gonna hurt to bone up. On anything, that is.

So, the speaker is talking about relationship…important… and how one should pull from their own relationships when approaching the relationship in a script… o.k…. and how every story has already been told, so if you’ve read enough you’ve seen it all and that should drive you when approaching auditions/scripts because, there are no new stories… huh?

Maybe what she was trying to say is that there are only a certain number of base stories one can tell, or hear, or put on stage, but what the speaker did not touch upon is the many levels every story has which makes it unique and its own challenge whether you are approaching from an acting, directing, designing, writing, etc. point of view. If this is an advanced course, then this is where folks should be, right? They shouldn’t be learning base, they should be learning levels and nuance. To trust one’s instinct is great and refreshing, but to grow as an artist there’s more. The benefit of the doubt would be given to said speaker if she didn’t also talk about archetype, which is a whole other blog/rant.

So, what’s the point? Suppose it depends on where you’re at and what you’re reaching for. Certain theater calls for archetype and base acting. Certain theater’s don’t. Certain artists call for the same. What do you aspire to? Your point of view is welcome…