Audition notice

Top ten things noticed in auditions last night (in no particular order)

1. Playing to the Green Giant — You are taught to focus on a point, somewhere beyond the director’s table… You should also be taught to focus on a point lower than the shelving unit two feet from the ceiling… unless, of course, you’re talking to the Green Giant

2. Energy — Shouldn’t you be excited by the piece you are doing? If you aren’t, no one will ever be.

3. Fly down — maybe it’s a choice, but besides knowing you forever as the guy who had his fly down during the audition, nothing much else will come of it. Start will nailing the monologue then worry about subtle humor.

4. Contemporary monologues — you shouldn’t leave home without on in this day and age. the classics are great, but if they don’t ask for it, don’t do it. (NOTE: half the classic ones last night were pretty amazing).

5. Research — Do you know the company you are auditioning for? Do you want to? They want you to and a little research goes a long way. If you’re gonna do something from their past season, let them know you know so they don’t think you didn’t do your research.

6. Arcs — All monologues should have an arc. Telling a story is for another type of audition. “Remember when” monologues are great, but not meaty, nor do they do anything to show you have a range.

7. Risk — Take one. Do something bold. Safe is for the day job.

8. Don’t do that monologue — If you think it’s been overdone, it has and there’s nothing like nailing a great one except for seeing the same one over and over. Ask around, if someone else has done it, don’t do it. If someone else did it, don’t do it. Take a chance. Find something new. They are out there.

9. Humanity — In show business this is difficult, but to be yourself goes the distance.

10. Simplicity — Does this speak for itself? Honest and simple work trumps any sort of acrobatics you can do, whether it be physical or verbal.

What do you think? What do you look for? What do you do to prepare?