New Look, New Links

Our graphic designer Sebastian Aguirre has come up with another iconic poster design for VisionFest 2009. The new looks/colors to the blog are reflective of his design. You can check out his images on our home page here. Posters will be up around the city in another week or so… $10 advanced tickets to the show are still available!

VisionFest 2009 Playwrights’ websites:

Elizabeth Nell Dubus “Recognition”
James Armstrong “Canceling Christmas”

In the fall, LiveWire will be workshopping a new piece as part of the DCA INCUBATOR Series titled “Lower Debt.” The play takes place is set in the turbulent times we will live in and tells the story of an everyman who goes from a white collar existence to living amongst the dregs of society in a tent city outside the limits of any town in the West. has an interesting piece that relates “10 Big Recession Surprises (Clue: One Involves Sex)” — more links and reference information on the show to come.

Unrelated? This was a pretty interesting behind the scenes look at the current White House