Little concern over rising body count

Much of our time and energy is focused on the final two performances of VisionFest 2009, but we came across this article today and it hit us like a ton of bricks.

The article talks about the going number of homeless people dying in the Santa Barbara area and the man trying to get people to 1) recognize and 2) do something about it. “Give us the beds,” says Santa Barbara County social worker Ken Williams. Apparently, there is a lot of violence directed toward the homeless as well as homeless just passing naturally. There’s one story of a man who was beaten and his friends sleeping near him didn’t even know until they woke the next day and he complained of a headache. Unfortunately, it was too late.

Williams keeps a journal of all the dead and has been working over 30 years, getting to know the homeless as people. “There’s a spiritual quality to people” who are tired and destitute, Williams said. Living in public, they drop all pretense. They appreciate an act of kindness. It’s inspiring to hear Williams’ story and how connected he is to the plight as a social worker. There’s got to be something we can do.

Any suggestions?