Where Were You… Last Night?

Thank you everyone who attended LiveWire’s Showcase Event. It was great sharing our piece with you and hearing your feedback. We can’t wait to start tweaking the show, getting it ready to be fully realized with all of our voices now in the mix. In case you have further thoughts, we’re going to keep this post open to your comments. You can also email us at livewirechicago@gmail.com with any further thoughts, stories, etc.

Here’s a few final images for you to enjoy when thinking further about the piece…

fearless? leader, Joshua Aaron Weinstein

what a good looking cast (from left to right, Allison Dana, Deborah Proud, Andrea Gilkey-Black, Cory Conrad, Sapna Kumar, Sarah Kinsey, Madeline Long, Monica Dionysiou, Erin Barlow, Brian Cicirello, Allison McNeela, Suzanne Bracken and Glenn Proud, LiveWire’s Artistic Director

Newly engaged Lighting Designer, Eric Branson (sorry ladies)

What a time we had!