A couple shots to whet your appetite

Lower Debt will open Saturday, March 6th to a sold out house. Get your tickets for the remaining shows in the run at www.viaducttheatre.com. All tickets are $12.00. Show runs through April 4th (Thu-Sat @ 7:30 p.m. and Sun @ 3:00 p.m.)

Wendell (Annie Rix) opens up to CW (Brian P. Cicirello)

Claude (Malcolm Callan) steps between two sisters, Val (Melissa diLeonardo) and Wendell (Annie Rix)

Ames (Tamara Anderson), Rash (Josh Johnson), Val (Melissa diLeonardo) and Claude (Malcolm Callan) play a game of cards.

All photography by Sebastian Aguirre

Lower Debt by Joshua Aaron Weinstein* tells the story of an everyman who leaves his white-collar existence, and ends up in a tent city among residents all searching for another way to live. Set in the uncertain economic climate at the beginning of the 21st century, this ensemble-based multimedia play explores the themes of community, ownership, loss and hope while asking the question, “How did we end up here?”

Brian P. Cicirello as CW
Annie Rix as WENDELL
Melissa diLeonardo as VAL/HR REP
Malcolm Callan as CLAUDE/CASHIER
Tamara Anderson as AMES/CO-WORKER 2
Noah Lepawsky as BUMM
Josh Johnson as RASH/CO-WORKER 1
Miriam Reuter as LEAH/GIRLFRIEND
Earliana “Earl” McLaurin as PATRICIA/PASSENGER
Kristin Collins as EXECUTIVE
and Glenn Proud* as DAMON/MANAGER

Stage Manager – Amber Hilgenkamp*
Assistant Stage Manager – Mark Macoun
Scenic Designers – Anders Jacobson* & Judy Radovsky
Lighting Designer – Eric Branson*
Assistant Lighting Designer – Bailey Scott
Sound Designer – Daniel Black
Costume Designer – Emma Weber
Fight Choreographer – David W.M. Kelch
Film Designers – WCProductions
Production Manager – Cory Conrad*
Technical Director – Joseph Stafford
Assistant Director – Chris Zdenek*
Director – Rebekah Scallet

*denotes LiveWire Collective Members