Work Lunch Doc Hammer

Red Bud at the Royal Court

In 2007, Chicago playwright Brett Neveu moved his family to Los Angeles. “Time to make the jump,” he told Chris Jones of the Trib, who commented that Brett “is to be a Chicago playwright no more.” While Brett is no longer located in the area, he has not lost touch with Chicago and his plays continue to appear on our stages. In fact, two new plays by Brett are on tap for to kick-off 2011; The House Theatre will present Odradek (January 7th, 2011 to February 26th, 2011 at the Chopin) and Writers’ Theatre will present Do The Hustle (January 25 – March 20, 2011). His play Red Bud is currently playing at The Royal Court in London.

LiveWire is excited to present the world premiere of Brett’s play Picnic Meeting Sack Lunch Reunion at VisionFest3: Feast. We asked Brett about the piece, and a few other probing questions. Here’s what he had to say:

1. What is your favorite meal?
Middle of the summer and barbecue chicken on the grill, baked potato, corn on the cob and baked beans.

2. Which three people (real or not) would you most like to sit down with for a meal?
Anton Chekhov, Freddie Mercury and Doc Hammer (co-creator of The Venture Bros.)

3. When was the last time you were together with your best friend? What did you do?
Just a few months ago.  He and I got together with our old band mates and played some of the old tunes.

4. What is your earliest theatrical memory?
Watching “South Pacific” at the YMCA in my home town of Newton, Iowa.

5. What inspired you to write this play?
Mostly it was the phrase we all had to work with.  That combined with the absurd routine and tradition of the “work lunch.”

Brett’s additional credits include Old Glory (Writers’ Theatre, Chicago/The Victory Theatre, Los Angeles); Gas for Less (The Goodman Theatre, Chicago); Eric LaRue (RSC/Vs. Theatre, Los Angeles/A Red Orchid Theatre, Chicago); Harmless (TimeLine Theatre Company, Chicago); American Dead (American Theatre Company, Chicago/Rogue Machine Theatre, Los Angeles). Awards include: The Emerging Artist Award from The League of Chicago Theatres, After Dark Award for Outstanding Musical (Old Town with Strawdog Theatre Company, Chicago). Brett has received commissions from Manhattan Theatre Club, Steppenwolf Theatre Company, The Goodman Theatre, TimeLine Theatre Company, Writers’ Theatre, Strawdog Theatre. He is an ensemble member of A Red Orchid Theatre Company.

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