Novelty Folk Band

And now for something completely different…

Hey!  Hilary and Emily here, and we are Gretchen & Regina.  We are very excited to be the only novelty folk band performing with LiveWire’s VisionFest3: Feast!  You may have previously seen us at iO opening for both The Reckoning and JABLONSKI!, or maybe you caught our show Gretchen & Regina : Rule the World! with Pub Theatre, or maybe you know us from Chicago’s SketchFEST, or maybe from us doing weird things around town like a burlesque show with the Open Space Project…anyway…you can find us at and on FACEBOOK.  Or feel free to email us at

And now a video from Gretchen & Regina “answering” LiveWire’s tough 5 questions:

Check Gretchen & Regina out at VisionFest3: Feast – more info at

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