Tinker to Evers to Chance

To quote Monica Westin of Flavorpill, “Mat Smart’s A Sudden Fluke of Physics, packs more humanity into a ten-minute love story than we’ve seen in many full-length plays.” Keith Griffith of the Chicago Reader describes the play as “diamond-hard.” LiveWire is proud to have Mat involved in VisionFest this year and we’re even more excited to be presenting the Chicago premiere of his theatrical and charming play The 13th of Paris this spring at the Greenhouse Theater Center (March 12 through April 17).

So, it is fitting we end our VisionFest3: Feast playwright’s profile with Mat as it will be just the beginning of more to come from us about this inspiring artist…

1. What is your favorite meal?
The Broham sandwich at Phil’s BBQ in San Diego.  It’s pulled pork covered in cole slaw and Phil’s BBQ sauce.  It got me through grad school.

2. Which three people (real or not) would you most like to sit down with for a meal?
Joe Tinker, Johnny Evers and Frank Chance.  The double-play combination for the Chicago Cubs when they won the 1907 and 1908 World Series.  “Tinker to Evers to Chance”  (Although I live in Minneapolis now, I grew up in Naperville and so I am — unfortunately, tragically and hopelessly — a Cubs fan.)

3. When was the last time you were together with your best friend? What did you do?
Two weeks ago in New York City.  We made pizza from scratch, watched baseball and talked about Ivo Von Hove.

4. What is your earliest theatrical memory?
In the summer, when we were very young, my sister and cousins and I would put on plays for my grandparents.  I remember painting a mustache on my face.  And that my cousin was very strict about following her script (she’s now a script supervisor in Los Angeles).  I never was allowed to write anything.

5. What inspired you to write this play?
My girlfriend and I take a lot of road trips, so I often spend time imagining worst-case scenarios.  Also, DIRTY DANCING blew my mind 8-year-old mind when I first saw it.

Come check out Mat’s play A Sudden Fluke of Physics tonight as we close our third annual short play festival, VisionFest3: Feast. Reservations can be made by calling 312 533 4666, or by emailing livewirechicago@gmail.com.

More info at www.livewirechicago.com/vision

Mat Smart is a current McKnight Advancement Grant recipient and a former two-time Jerome Fellow at The Playwrights’ Center in Minneapolis. Plays include: Samuel J. and K. (Williamstown Theatre Festival and upcoming at Steppenwolf for Young Adults), The Hopper Collection (Magic Theatre and Huntington Theatre Company) and The 13th of Paris (City Theatre, Horizon Theatre, Public Theatre of Maine, Warehouse Theatre, Seattle Public Theater and upcoming at LiveWire) and The Bebop Heard in Okinawa (O’Neill Playwrights’ Conference). He is a co-founder of Slant Theatre Project in New York City and serves on the Board of Directors for The New Harmony Project. Undergraduate: University of Evansville. M.F.A.: UCSD.