To Paris with Love from LiveWire

Love Letters for LiveWire


LiveWire is seeking love letters for their upcoming production of The 13th of Paris. Send us your best, one from the past, a love note that got passed to you in grade school, a letter from your high school sweetheart or the one you couldn’t slip under his/her dorm room door. Send us a letter from afar or nearby. You could also use this opportunity to pen that letter you have always meant to write.

Some letters are best kept while others are meant to be read. The letters you send to us are intended to help us create the world of this charming and theatrical play by Naperville native Mat Smart. They will appear and they will disappear. They could be read by others, so if you want it kept a secret, make it anonymous. If you want to capture the heart of someone unexpected, sign your name. We will use them all, but we won’t tell you how… You will have to come see the play to find that out.

We’d prefer the letters be handwritten and sent c/o LiveWire’s Paris Love Letter, P.O. Box 11226, Chicago IL 60611-0226, but we’ll accept them by email to We’ll be waiting… All letters must be received by February 28, 2011.

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