Unauthorized biography of Joel Ewing

There is really not a known origin for Joel Ewing and being close to him can result in mild burning, so rarely is much uncovered about the man LiveWire Chicago Theatre welcomes as their new Artistic Director.

But! If we were to guess, Joel was raised by a goose and a gander in the great state of Missouri where tigers roar and… well, Joel was born there so that’s two things from the great state of Missouri. They have schools! We know that. Joel must have gone to school. Yes, isn’t that fantastic! An educated man. Good catch… He is already caught ladies. Please… Joel is married. We are told she is a very famous singer and dancer. Ah, Joel, he is a lover of theater and art and music and drinking and eating and eating and drinking… His cupth do run overth. He has a shirt with just those words. Helvetica Neue. Not too aggressive.

Joel is fond of taking pictures with people. Here are some of them:

Disclaimer: We apologize. We thought we could get pictures of Joel with other people, but those were out of our price range, so we just stole these off the internet. Enjoy!

ewing at bat
This seems to be Joel posing next to some Broadway legend

ewing in the snow
Joel in his natural habitat

ewing and the bear
Joel waiting outside the opening of Yogi Bear

ewing as king
Joel asserting his dominance on the world

ewing and baby
Joel being put in his place by the actor who plays the stock trading tie loving baby in TV commercials

Which brings us to the present. Joel has been seen on the stages of Chicago. Most recently, Strawdog, Next, New Leaf and LiveWire, of course. Others like The Mill, Appetite, Sandbox and Open Cage where he also served as Artistic Director… Hmmm… We smell a theme here…

Nope. That’s just theater… Yay!

Welcome Joel!