What is your most clear family holiday memory?


We asked patrons who purchased tickets online for A Permanent Image to tell us their most clear family holiday memory. Here are our favorites, in no particular order and anonymous…

  • Being allowed to drink wine on the holidays as a child!
  • Christmas: Accidentally getting stuck, and breaking off the key in the ignition of my grandmas car when I went outside to warm it up.
  • Decorating the Christmas tree. I don’t know why we had a tree, since we’re Jewish (and practicing, too), but we always had a Christmas tree and spent hours decorating it–or, hours yelling at each other and maybe 20 minutes decorating it.
  • Driving across France back to the port of Calais (to get our car on the boat back to England). Our car brakes had failed and my dad kept using the emergency hand brake to stop the car at each set of lights causing an unbelievably loud clanging noise. The French were not amused! We arrived at the port and my dad decided it was time to call the AA (equivalent of AAA) and when the mechanic arrived, my dad asked “Was this dangerous to do?” and the guy just pointed to the heavens and shook his head!
  • Making cut out Christmas cookies that would be pierced with a toothpick so they could be strung up with string and hung on the tree. We had Cookie Trees that neighbors and friends would eat throughout the holiday season.
  • My parents bought me a PC game Ultima8 one Christmas and I found where they hid it. I was so excited that I carefully opened the package, installed it on the PC, and carefully resealed the package. I was half-way done with the game by the time I opened it, but I had to act so surprised to cover my crime. I still think of that whenever I have to feign happiness.
  • Thanksgiving in middle school, Mom gets really stressed cooking and keeping the house clean and we are little brats who don’t help out and she went crazy and locked herself in her room when my sister knocked over all the fresh rolls onto the floor.
  • The first time I went to the midwest to meet a super nice, welcoming, and warm family. I had never met a boyfriend’s family before.
  • Waking up on Christmas mornings to the sound of my dad cooking and the smell of bacon.
  • When my father would dress up like a duck on christmas eve.