Get to know our PARTNERS – Lauren Pizzi


Name: Lauren Pizzi

Role: Clare

Hometown: San Francisco, California

First theater memory: Seeing a  kids community theater production of Oliver! when I was 6 and knowing that was my future. It was the first play I did 5 years later.

What brought you to Chicago and why do you stay:  I came to Chicago to get my M.F.A. at DePaul and I stayed because the theater community in this city is incredible. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!

Who are your favorite partners: Beyonce and Jay Z, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Benedict and Beatrice

What have you enjoyed most about the PARTNERS rehearsal/production process: The people, the script and the story and the wine.

If you ran a food truck, what would you be serving up: Definitely tacos!!!

Why are you most excited for audiences to see PARTNERS: Relatable people fighting to love and be loved.

When it comes to dinner, how spicy is too spicy: If you think it’s too spicy, get out!!!